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  Our History:

  Santian has earned the repute among the top notch cloth cutting machine suppliers by producing excellence in manufacturing cloth cutting tools and cloth cutting machines. Santian is in business for over 30 years now and has given many hallmark products to the sewing and cloth cutting industry. Our effort has relived the industry from the traditional cloth cutting tools in the shape of cloth cutting scissors and has introduced automatic cutting tools and technologies. The products introduced by Santian are cost effective, as they take less maintenance cost due to slower erosion of parts and less spoilage of raw material.

  Our Future:

  Santian has grabbed the absolute share of the domestic market of cloth cutting machine suppliers in China and is now striving hard to explore the frontiers of international markets across the globe. We do not feel content with our glorious past; we have an urge to look forward to see a prosperous future ahead. We will keep inventing cutting edge technology equipments by the amalgamation of modern technology with our wide experience of 30 years in the cloth cutting industry.